EasilyDo Smart Assistant: An Task Assisting Application For iOS Devices

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EasilyDo Smart Assistant is a free to use smart device application compatible with iOS devices. The app comes sized at nearly 13.5 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 5.1 or later of iOS. The function of the application is basically to help you get the day’s tasks done more efficiently.

task assist app

The way the app accomplishes this is by providing you with the right and best information to quickly get things done. For example, suppose you have planned to meet a friend today but have not taken the traffic conditions into account. When you head out, you find that you should have headed out earlier because traffic is really busy. If you had used this application, it would have provided you with the traffic conditions for your commute ahead of time.

In addition to traffic conditions, the app notifies you when to leave, it warns you of bad weather, it files receipts, it organizes contacts, and it tracks packages. It can even remember birthdays!

easilydo smart assistant

Normally, an iOS device owner would dedicate multiple applications to all of the features that are supported by this single application. Therefore, installing this app is a no brainer! Keep it in your iPhone arsenal and make use of it whenever you want.


  • A user friendly iOS devices.
  • Assists you in managing your tasks.
  • Provides you with traffic conditions and time suggestions.
  • Can remember birthdays.
  • Can file your receipts.
  • Similar tool: GoalStacker.

Check out EasilyDo Smart Assistant @ itunes.apple.com/app/easilydo-smart-assistant/id481881465?mt=8

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