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managing multiple twitter accountsHow many Twitter accounts do you have? More than one? With more and more people starting blogs and creating profiles for their online brands, it is not uncommon to have multiple Twitter accounts. It’s a great way, in fact, to keep your personal tweets separated from those having to do with your brand or business.

There are a lot of apps out there for managing multiple Twitter accounts. Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve covered Multwiple, Twitvance, Cotweet and Seesmic Desktop 5 Great Reasons To Use Seesmic Desktop 2 As Your Twitter Client 5 Great Reasons To Use Seesmic Desktop 2 As Your Twitter Client Read More , to name a few. We’ve also shown you an easy way to manage multiple users on one account with TweetFunnel Manage Multiple Users on One Twitter Account with TweetFunnel Manage Multiple Users on One Twitter Account with TweetFunnel Read More , as well as compare the new Twitter Is The New Twitter Better Than Desktop Clients? Is The New Twitter Better Than Desktop Clients? Read More to desktop clients.

Now there’s Splitweet. Splitweet offers a super simple way to manage and monitor multiple Twitter accounts. In this article, I’ll show you what you can do with this easy-to-use web app.

What’s the Concept Behind Splitweet?

Here is what’s stated at the top of Splitweet’s About page:

Splitweet is not a company, it’s a personal project lead by three colleagues who spend weekends and spare time to offer a free and a handy service to Twitter users. … We are the Splitweet developers.

Knowing this information gives you a better understanding of the concept behind Splitweet, and that is to give people an easy, useful application that they can use to manage multiple brands on Twitter.


Splitweet is a free alternative to more sophisticated software being paid for by companies, which enables it to be utilized by the general public. Heavy and corporate Twitter users can still make use of this application, which I will get into a little bit below.

All Your Accounts in One Place

The first and perhaps most obvious feature Splitweet offers that I would like to cover is the ability to have all your accounts in one place.

managing multiple twitter accounts

As soon as you create an account, you can add Twitter accounts to Splitweet using Twitter’s OAuth. You just have to sign into your accounts on Twitter per usual to grant Splitweet access.

Then, from the input screen on your dashboard, you can compose a tweet and select your desired accounts. In essence, Splitweet allows you to compose a list of accounts and distribute your tweets, choosing which accounts they go out to.

Easily Follow All of Your Latest Tweets

You can also follow your contacts’ tweets from all of your managed accounts in Splitweet. Splitweet shows you which tweets are to which accounts in your Tweets you follow section, which can be configured to auto-update.

multiple twitter accounts

In other words, tweets are shown in a chronologically ordered list. They are displayed with different colored squares next to them so you can distinguish which Twitter accounts they correspond with.

From your dashboard, you can view tweets, replies, direct messages, favorites, and more. You can seamlessly choose to hide or display tweets for different accounts as you see fit.

Monitor Your Brand & Reply Within the App

The brand mentions section is very interesting to me because it allows you to input a brand name to monitor and get all the relevant tweets. This is not unlike Twitter search. Brands or keywords will be displayed in a similar way to the other sections of tweets on your dashboard.

managing multiple twitter accounts

Brand monitoring is a nice feature because, let’s face it, the various brands you represent are probably what would lead you to use an application like Splitweet to begin with. You can now effectively monitor all of your tweets in a very simple way, as well as monitor for brand mentions throughout Twitter.

Splitweet also allows you to reply to tweets within the app, regardless of which account they were originally sent to.


As you can see, Splitweet is simple enough both in concept and design for most anyone to use. If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalistic dashboard from which to monitor multiple Twitter accounts, you should check out this app.

Also, if you’re looking at trying out some similar apps to see which one you like the best, feel free to investigate some of the other applications I mentioned in the very beginning of this article.

What program do you use to manage multiple Twitter accounts?

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