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You, me and I bet every webbie once in while needs to send over a file that’s bigger then max. allowed email attachment (e.g. video clip, movie, software program, etc). So 2 days ago I decided to make a list of somewhat better websites and tools for sending big files. After some extensive searching I got more then 100 sites, obviously this was too much so I filtered them further by canceling out ones which aren’t free, simple to use and with max.file size mark below 500 mb. And below is what I got afterwards;

  max. size days before file deleted Sign-up Required
YouSendIt 1 gb100MB 7 No
Gigasize 1.5 gb 90 days Yes
TransferBigFiles 1 gb 5 days No
MegaShares 1.5 gb 7 days No
BigUpload. 500 mb 30 days after last download No
MailBigFile 500 100MB 7 No
FileUpload 500 mb 7 No
Zupload 500 mb 30 days after last download No
500 mb
14 days

If you send/receive big files frequently and do so among friends then instead of using above ones I recommend to install one of the following programs, either of which is free and user friendly in its own way.

Allpeers - Drag and Share

AllPeers is a firefox(review here Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Read More ) plugin that lets you easily send/receive files among friends. After installing it you get small allpeers icon on your browser, which opens so called navigator menu displaying list of contacts on the side of your browser window. To send file all you need to do is drag and drop it over the contact name. And because in this case file transfer takes place directly between your pc and recipient, there is no limitations on file size. Download(Mac/Windows)



Pando - P2P Share

Pando(Mac/Windows) is a small desktop program with the same drag and drop file sending function. Easy to use, processor friendly and has really cool design(image below). Installation file includes plugin for microsoft outlook. And if needed plugins for yahoo messenger and skype can be downloaded separately.


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