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Google+ is finally offering quick and easy photo tagging.  It seems as if Google are taking their time with Google+, and every once in a while we’re awarded a new, much-needed feature. A few weeks ago we got Google+ Pages, and now it’s time for tagging to be upgraded. Google being Google, this is not just your regular old photo tagging; it’s cool, it’s easy, it’s super fast and it hunts for faces.

If you’ve been using Picassa, you already know about Google’s ability to recognize faces – Picassa’s face recognition is sometimes uncanny. Google+ now does something similar: it gathers all the faces in your photo album and lets you tag them in groups.


If your photos include people, you will get the option to tag them. You can access tagging from existing albums, when creating new albums or when sharing photos from the sharebox. Google+ will scan your photos for people, offer you to tag them and even tell you how many faces it found.

Once you access the tagging interface, simply go over the faces it found for you and click all the ones which belong to the same person. The thumbnails you click will be transferred over to the right side, where you can tag all them at once by name or email address (which is associated with a Google+ account). Note that you can’t tag people if they’re not on Google+.



When you’re done tagging all the faces, click “Done tagging”. Now all your tagged friends will get notifications that they’ve been tagged, and they can choose whether they want to approve it or not.

All in all, this is a great upgrade and it’s very well implemented. It now remains to be seen if Google can integrate tagging from within Picassa to have those work well with Google+ albums.

What do you think about the new tagging interface? Share your experiences and opinions.

Source: +Nathan Davis, Google+ team

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