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EaseUS FileManager is a file manager application for Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms. It lets you manage your folders and files like you do in Windows Explorer. You can view,copy, move, delete, rename, and other similar actions with your files easily thanks to this app.

Once you download and install the app, you will see 3 types of folders – Common Folders, Favorites and Recent, which are self-explanatory folder names. Common Folders contain your pictures, music and video files. Favorites contain your bookmarked files and folders. And Recent are where your most recent modified or accessed files are.

file manager for windows 8

You can sort items by name, type, date and sizes, as in any other file manager. Moreover, you can pin your most used or favorite files and folders to the Start Screen for quick access, create new folders or add folder(s) to Favorites from the bottom bar. Once you open a file, it will launch the associated program depending on the file extension. Right-click on any file or multiple to do common tasks like Rename, Recycle, Delete, Copy, Move or Cut.

easeus filemanager


  • Pin your most used files and folders to the Start Screen for quick access.
  • Add folders to Favorites.
  • View files directly within the app.
  • View files via autoplay slide show feature.
  • Preview pictures with built-in Picture Viewer.
  • Quickly search files in a specified file location.
  • Share files to SkyDrive, email.
  • Available for Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms.
  • Manipulate files and folders (Pin to Start screen, create new folder, sort, Add to Favorites etc) using buttons at the bottom bar.

Check out EaseUS FileManager @

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  1. Clancolin
    July 23, 2013 at 12:11 am

    This app doesn't seeem to be available anywhere. I get "view in app store" from the link above, but a search of the store gets a "not found" result. :-(