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We all get those days when a tune is stuck in our mind all day. No matter what you do, you keep humming it over and over. Earwurm is a collection of such song that stick in your head. You can listen to a new tune every day or search the collection for a specific one.

It is a great way to get a tune stuck in somebody else’s mind too. Simply find a tune and forward it to them. You can also upload a tune or browse through the latest and worst tunes. Each tune that you listen to includes details about the title of the song and name of the artist, and can be bought via iTunes. You also have the option to rate each tune, a tune that is much hated has a greater chance to stick in somebody’s mind.

song that stick in your head


  • Find tunes that stick in your mind.
  • Search for a specific tune or browse recently added.
  • Upload your own tune.
  • No registration required.

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