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Another Earth is a tool based on Google Earth that lets you compare two earths side-by-side through time. You can synchronize camera movements of the two views by altitude, tilt, and coordinates. You can also copy and sync the coordinates of both views so you can have the same moving earths compared through time.  If you find something interesting, you can get a snapshot of the view by creating a URL that you can bookmark.

compare two maps

There are several user cases for Another Earth – especially for educators. For example, you can compare before and after shots of a disaster such as the Japanese Earthquake of 2011. You can also take two different locations and view them at the same time. Toggle layers like borders and towns, buildings, grid, roads, sun, and terrain.


Another Earth is a cool way to apply the Google Earth plugin for the browser. As this plugin gets more use, we will see more creative ways on how Google Earth is viewed and presented with different tools and services.


  • Compare a 3D Earth by time.
  • Movement of the map is synchronized.
  • Toggle by different layers such as buildings, sun, and terrain.
  • Copy coordinates for synced viewing.
  • Save view by generating a URL.
  • Similar Tools: MoveOutlines and CoverageMap

Check out Another Earth @

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