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Can’t wait for the official release of The Avengers? Disney’s Marvel Studios has announced a special Facebook promotion, in which hundreds of fans will get to watch an early screening of The Avengers for free.

The promotion started a few days ago, with five cities already winning early screenings. Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, and Houston have managed to secure the most fans for The Avengers page on Facebook, and thus got themselves first-come-first-serve free early screenings. There are also five more such screenings up for grabs for the next five cities who can arrange the most fans to click on the ‘like’ button on the Avengers Facebook page.


Nowhere on the Facebook page does it say that these screenings are US only, so if you’re outside the US and tired of always being left out, gather your friends and try to get your city picked for an early screening. According to Marvel, all you have to do is click the ‘like’ button, and the five cities with most ‘likes’ will win the early screenings.

You have until April 9th to vote for your city, after which the results will be announced. The screenings are scheduled for April 14, 3 full weeks before the official May 4 release date. it’s unclear whether the screenings really are first-come-first-serve, or whether only those who managed to RSVP will get seated. In any case, watch out for the next five cities to make sure you can click that RSVP as soon as possible!

Source: The Avengers Facebook Page


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