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If you are thinking about moving to another country, and want to find out how much it costs to live there, check out Eardex.

find living cost

Eardex is one of the most helpful websites on the Internet, as it allows people to search out the facts concerning the cost of living in an area. This includes not only the accommodation, but also other miscellaneous stuff such as eating, car rentals, fuel, etc.

Just visit the website and either search for the country/city manually or find the city by the continent index. Once there, click on the city/town to look at the local prices, and choose the quantity of each item to get an estimate of overall expenditure.

Users can also add the prices of different products in your area by registering on Eardex.


  • Cost of living, edible items and other misc stuff can be calculated.
  • Prices can be updated/added by local natives of that country, or town/city.
  • Similar tools: COL and CostOfLiving.

Check out Eardex @

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