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DynasTree is an online family tree builder that helps you to discover your personal family history and stay in touch with relatives by creating a family tree online. First, you start off with a father and mother in your tree. Expand the tree by adding more members and inviting them by email. From then on, it goes in a viral loop: the more family members join your tree, the faster it expands as additional members can add and invite other relatives.

For every family tree member you can add information like birth dates, place of birth and current location. View the birthplace locations of your relatives on a Google Map.  Only invited family members can view and make changes to the tree. Site is available in all major Europen languages.

online family tree builder

Site includes most of the social networking features such as private messages, photo albums, family calendar, news feed, guest book and so on. As your family tree grows large enough you can order to print out a customized family tree poster from the site.

Site also provides with some additional tools:

      – Surname map:  View the geographical distribution of surnames on a map. it shows the approximate number of people with your surname living in each state in US and Europe.


    – Most frequent surnames: See most popular surname in US and every state in particular.

family tree builder online

Feature overview:

  • Family tree builder online.
  • Build your own family tree online and discover family history.
  • Expand your tree by adding and inviting other family members.
  • Search for other relatives and friends.
  • Order a customized print out of your family tree poster.
  • View surname distribution in US and Europe.
  • Available in all major European languages (German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish etc.)
  • Free, register to start building your tree.
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