Dynamite Chrome Extension: Hide Unwanted Webpage Elements

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Google Chrome’s Inspect Element right-click menu is a powerful tool for learning about and interacting with webpages. One of the more interesting uses is the ability to delete code and see the effects live in front of you. Now, using the Dynamite extension for Chrome it is possible to remove entire elements from the right click menu.

hide web page elements

The change isn’t permanent, the next time you visit the website all the elements will load as normal. Inspired by the “Nuke Anything” Firefox add-on, Dynamite also includes the ability to hide everything except the selected element.


  • Hide elements visually, using the right-click context menu.
  • Hide everything except the selected element.
  • Refresh the page to undo your changes.
  • Similar tools: Remove Temporarily, Page Eraser and PrintPlus.

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Yes! Can see where it will fit in work bu also to do some pranks with friends ;)

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