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Creating a customized cover for a DVD you burned can be done via a number of software, but if you are looking for the quickest solution, DVDSlim is one of the best tools out there. DVDSlim is freeware that works on all Windows platforms and can print covers for a wide variety of discs including DVD, Mini DVD, VHS, BlueRay PS3, Nintendo Wii and many more.

You can pick the cover type from a drop down list which also displays the size of each cover. You can also add text on the front and on the edge of each cover, insert images from your computer, and choose specific fonts and sizes. You can also draw a brink on the cover, and once done print the cover easily.

create covers for cd


  • Create covers for wide variety of discs.
  • Includes DVDs, PS3, VHS and many more.
  • Insert custom images and titles.
  • Works on all Windows OS.
  • Similar tools: Artworkcreator, PaperCase and CoverCreator.

Download DVDSlim @ 

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