DVDChief: Catalog Your DVD Collection Quickly & Easily

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Do you have a large selection of DVDs that you need to catalog and keep track of. This can be easier said than done. In the digital age where everything is downloaded and stored in folders on our computers, it is easy to forget how hard it can be to keep track of physical media. Well DVD Chief is here to lend a helping hand. It will make it easy for you to catalog all of your physical media and it does it in the most elegant and easiest way possible.

catalog dvd collection

The program allows you to add movies manually, by simply typing in the name. If you prefer, you can also put the DVD in the drive, and it will scan it and add it to your collection for you. Once you choose the movie you want to add, the program uses the Internet to find as much information as possible about the movie. This way, when you want to go back and find your movies based on certain parameters, you will be able to.


You can use this program to do everything for your movies. You sort them however you like, create multiple databases and even play the movies right from within the program. It really is a one stop DVD management solution.


  • Keep track of your movies with ease.
  • Enter manually or scan from the DVD in the drive.
  • Downloads information about the movie automatically.
  • Create multiple databases.
  • Play movies from within the program.
  • Similar tools: Collector Notepad, iCollectMedia, Listiki, Blist, urlist, Veedemus and Moovida.

Find DVD Chief @ www.dvdchief.com

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