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iPhoto is a really slick program for keeping your photos organized on your Mac. It comes with a slick user interface that anyone can pick up and start using right away. It comes installed with a Mac out of the box, so it’s one all Mac users should be taking advantage of. That being said, there are some things that could be better with it, and one specific thing is the lack of ability to find and delete duplicate photos quickly and easily.

Thankfully, you can jump on the Mac App Store and download a program called DuplicateCleanerForiPhoto to delete all of those extras in a metter of seconds.

get rid of duplicate photos in iphoto

When you run the app, it will automatically scan your iPhoto library and show you any photos that are duplicates. When it finds photos that you have multiple copies of, it will move them to your iPhoto trash without any other action required on your part.


Clearing out the duplicates not only helps you have a cleaner, easier to navigate iPhoto, but it will also save some space on your hard drive. Depending on your current hard drive situation, that extra space could be very valuable. If you have many high-resolution duplicates, the amount of space you can save could end up being surprisingly large.



  • Automatically clean up duplicate photos from your Mac’s iPhoto library.
  • Automatically moves duplicates to iPhoto trash.
  • Easy to use and requires no effort on the end user’s part.
  • Tells you how much space you are saving by clearing duplicates.

Find DuplicateCleanerForiPhoto on the Mac App Store

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