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DUI (driving under the influence) accidents cause 36 accidents every day and everybody tries to avoid places where drunk drivers are more probable to be. DUIMap is a great tool that displays the number of DUI accidents on Google Maps so you can plan accordingly.

Each icon on the map represents a fatal DUI accident and the color of the icon tells you how many other DUI crashes occurred within 1 mile. You can see the time and date of each accident by clicking on the icon. The details also tell you how many people were involved in the accident and how many people died. The map allows you to zoom out displaying the activity at the state level or zoom in to see it at a town or block level.

fatal dui accidents


  • See DUI accidents on Google Maps.
  • See number of accidents within 1 mile.
  • Zoom in or out for to adjust scope.
  • See details of each accident.
  • Similar mashup: RiskyRoads.

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