DudaMobile: Easily Convert Your Website Into A Mobile Site

DudaMobile is a web app that lets you create a mobile site from any website. To start, simply enter a website URL. DudaMobile will then display it in a mobile optimized format and will allow you to choose from a number of templates and lay out features. Once you are done playing around and customizing your mobile site, DudaMobile will publish it on a unique URL. You can then simply redirect all your mobile users to this URL so they have a browsing experience optimized for the mobile.

The most wonderful part, however, is that you can do most of this conversion even on your smart phone by going to m.dudemobile.com. If you want, you can even do a CNAME tweak to add this mobile site to your own domain name. It is truly a wonderful app that saves you a lot of time and money when trying to optimize experience for your mobile phone users.

duda   DudaMobile: Easily Convert Your Website Into A Mobile Site


Visit DudaMobile @ www.dudamobile.com 

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