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The web’s a pretty mouse-oriented place. You click on links to go to a page, and that clicking almost always happens with the device next to your keyboard. If you wish more of the web could be controlled via keyboard I highly recommend you check out DuckDuckGo, the keyboard search engine attempting to rival Google. Enter a search term and you can explore the results with your keyboard, using the up and down arrow keys to jump from selection to selection. Even better, you can change the kind of search you’re trying to do by using the left and right keys.

keyboard search engine

There are three main kinds of searches: standard, information and shopping. The standard search is the kind of search we all know and love, similar to Google’s regular old search.

“Information,” on the other hand, presents an overview of what the term represents, points out key concepts or people related to the term and even presents a number of web sites explaining what the term is or means. For example, search for “MakeUseOf” using the “Informtaion” function and you’ll find out that Aibek is our founder, that we’re based out of Glasgow UK and that we were founded in 2006. You’ll also find a lot of people discussing our site, and a number of relevant links including Twitter and Flickr.

Finally, the “Shopping” function shows you a variety of things you can buy related to the term you’re typing.

As if this isn’t enough, links on the side of search results allow you to run the same search on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Amazon and even Google Maps. If you’re looking to try something new as a search engine I highly recommend you check out DuckDuckGo.


keyboard search engine


  • Alternative search engine offering keyboard-centric experience.
  • Can do standard searches as well as searches for information and shopping.
  • Links searches to YouTue, Flickr, Twitter, Amazon and Google Maps.
  • “I’m Feeling Ducky” function identical to “I’m Feeling Lucky” from Google.

Check out DuckDuckGo @

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