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There are many Internet users who complain about their Internet service provider’s cheating them out of their promised Internet speed. There are many instances in which you would be connected through a slower connection than what you are paying for e.g. you might be getting 8 Mbps when your package is a 10 Mbps connection. DSL Speedtest is a tool that is here to help you test what the actual speed of your Internet connection is.

check internet speed chrome

DSL Speedtest is a user friendly browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser. Normally to test the speed of your Internet connection, you would head to a speed testing website such as But such websites make you select an appropriate server before your speed test can be initiated. DSL Speedtest is for people who do not want to memorize any site URLs and who want to get the speed test started right away.

After the installation of this extension, you can find its icon in the new tab page alongside icons of other installed Chrome extensions and apps. Clicking on the extension’s icon will take you to its website where you click on the test initiation button to conduct the speed test.

dsl speedtest

The results of your Internet connection’s speed are displayed in an overlay on the webpage. The displayed information includes the maximum download speed and upload speed noted during the test. You are shown the Ping time and the connection’s information.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you test speed of your Internet connection.
  • Shows maximum download speed and maximum upload speed noted.
  • Also shows Ping time and connections information.
  • Similar: NetSpeedMonitor, BandwidthPlace, and PingTest.

Check out DSL Speedtest @

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