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For full-time personal security it’s unlikely any web-based application will replace your desktop anti-virus any time soon: needing such software is simply a reality for users of Windows-based computers.

But if you’re a Linux or Mac user wanting to quickly scan a file for viruses before sending it to a friend, or a brave Windows user who doesn’t use a full-time anti-virus program but still likes to check the occasional file just to be safe, it’s worth checking out Dr. Web.

This web-based virus scan is simple to use: just upload the file you think may be infected and get a result almost instantly.

scan a file for viruses online

There’s really little more to this web app than that, but it’s worth considering the advantages of a web-based anti-virus program. Since the application is entirely online, there’s no need for you to worry about updating virus definitions. Additionally, the program takes up no hard drive space or resources on your computer.

The disadvantages, of course, include a lack of full-time protection and an inability to repair damaged files. So consider this more of a diagnostic tool than a defensive one, but a very useful diagnostic tool if you’re in a pinch. It found viruses in the test files I threw at it.


scan a file for viruses online


  • Online virus scan.
  • Upload and scan any file.
  • Web-based; no need to upgrade definitions.
  • Perfect for Linux or Mac users looking to test a file before sending it to Windows-using friends.
  • Not viable as a full-blown anti-virus replacement.

Check out Dr. Web @

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  1. Akash Vedi
    April 23, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    thanks for this useful info :)