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Drupal is a website platform much like WordPress. It offers a number of great microsite creation features suitable for a number of purposes. A custom theme for your Drupal site is necessary for it to make an impression. Creating themes for Drupal has been much simplified by Drupal-Theme.

create drupal theme

For an experienced developer, creating a Drupal theme should be fairly straightforward. If you have the required CSS files, then the next step is visiting Drupal-Theme.

Basically you get four different boxes. The top left box is where you can enter the theme’s name and description; in the top right box you can add as many CSS stylesheets as you want; the bottom left box is for adding regions; the bottom right box is for JavaScript files.

After adding your files you can drag them over or under each other for better organization. In the end, all you do is click on the “Generate the Code” button at the bottom of the site.

generate drupal theme



Visit Drupal-Theme @

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