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When a doctor prescribes you medicine, you should be aware of what side effects the prescribed drugs have. This information is extremely important and is often overlooked by patients. What you need is an easily accessible tool that lets you quickly check out the side effects of various medicinal drugs. Here to help you in that regard is a web service called DrugsDB.


DrugsDB is a free to use web service that helps you find out the side effects of medicinal drugs. The site has an easily navigable layout and everything is easy to find. You can find drugs by typing in their name or by browsing the categories mentioned in the top blue bar on the site. These categories include prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, food groups such as caffeine, and supplements. On the page of a drug, you will find its detailed description outlining its use.


After its description you can read the drug’s possible side-effects. This information is present on the same webpage.


In addition to informing you about the side-effects of drugs, the site offers an interactive infographic that helps you view the drug recalls by the FDA. Checking which drugs have been recalled keeps you updated on which drugs should not be used anymore. The interactive infographic includes clickable bars that display details information about the recalled drugs. Data for this infographic is gathered from the FDA Safety Alerts feed.

DrugsDB also offers a blog where articles about drugs are published. Studies about latest drugs and the warnings covered by the FDA regarding particular drugs are some of the things that these articles cover.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Provides information about drugs and their side-effects.
  • Includes drug-relevant articles.
  • Provides an interactive infographic about FDA drug recalls.

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