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Starting a new prescription can be scary. While it can cure whatever is ailing you, it can also cause some unpleasant side effects. Most of the time your doctor will tell you of anything important, but sometimes you want a second opinion. That is why DrugCite exists. It is a place that displays the side effects of drugs that have been reported to the FDA by the people with the best point of view – the people taking the drug.

drug side effects reported

You can use the search function to find information for any drug. It will give you a detailed breakdown of all the side effects reported by people taking the drug. There are some side effects caused by drugs that most people have never heard of, and it is nice to know these are possible before taking the drug.


You can share your searches with your social networks, so if you have a friend who is taking a drug, you can let them know about the possible negative side effects.


  • Detailed side effect breakdown for many prescriptions.
  • Easy to use search to find the drug you are looking for.
  • Graphs of the most common side effects.
  • Share results on Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Similar site: RateADrug.

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