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If you are someone who loves surfing the web to check out new interesting things and quickly share them with friends then you might want to try new link sharing tool DropVine. What it does is very simple. It makes it very easy to share cool links with friends.

You get a browser bookmarklet which lets you share any cool link on the web in just one click. And your friends don’t need to sign up with DropVine first in order to receive links. Their DropVine inbox gets created automatically and they get email notification of the links you’ve shared with them.

cool links


  • Share cool web links you come across in few seconds.
  • No toolbar installation required, just a simple bookmarklet.
  • Your friends don’t need to sign up first to get the links.
  • Commenting on the shared links is allowed.

Check out Dropvine @

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    October 13, 2009 at 11:55 pm