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It is the job of the project leader to find the most effective way to share and assign tasks with team members. Here to offer such a way is an online service called DropTask.

visual representation of tasks

DropTask is a free to use web service that helps you manage tasks either for personal use or for use in a group. The website lets you create tasks, sort them into groups and subgroups, and assign them to other group members. There are various other things you can do with tasks such as adding tags to them or assigning them to specific group members.

You start by creating an account on the website. Your next step is to create a project and invite other DropTask users to the project via their email address. You can then add groups to your ‘tasks canvas’ as circles. Tasks can be added as circles too. These circles can be given names and colors of your choosing.

To sort tasks into groups and to add subgroups, simply drag those circles into the circle of a group. Each task you add can be assigned to someone or added tags or files to. A description and a due date can also be added for each task. Other team members can add comments to tasks which enables discussion about it.



Video intro:


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you manage tasks online.
  • Presents a visual representation of tasks.
  • Tasks, groups, and subgroups are represented as circles.
  • You can assign tasks to other group members.
  • You can add a description, due date, tags, and files to tasks.

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