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The cloud storage darling, Dropbox, has just unveiled a new partnership with Livescribe, the king of the smartpen world. Livescribe owners will now be able to sync its memory with Dropbox, making all notes available on any computer with Internet access.

For those unfamiliar with Livescribe, here’s the nutshell. It’s an ink pen that records the user’s strokes as they write. This generates an electronic version of whatever is written or drawn that can then be viewed on a PC, smartphone or tablet. This helps bridge the gap between the real and the electronic, providing users with the simplicity of handwriting and the flexibility of a digital document. As an added bonus the pen also acts as an audio recorder.

Of course, the usefulness of having a digital document is only increased as it becomes easier to share, so the partnership seems natural. Livescribe says about half their user base already has a Dropbox. This is not the only cloud-note solution offered, however. The device is already sold with a one-year subscription to Evernote 5 Simple Apps That Let You Do More With Evernote 5 Simple Apps That Let You Do More With Evernote Did you ever notice how the most popular apps & platforms have lots of additional add-ons and extensions that were created for them? Evernote is no different - check out the Evernote Trunk and you'll... Read More premium.

The only dark cloud over this partnership is the smartpen’s lack of Wi-Fi. It can’t sync notes in real time – instead, the user has to plug it in to a computer with a network connection and sync from there using software provided with the smartpen. This is only a minor inconvenience, but a future upgrade with Wi-Fi connectivity would be outstanding.

Source: Slashgear


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