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Dropbox has recently rolled out a brand new design for its web-based interface. The popular file-sharing and storage service combines a web interface with a desktop and mobile client, and has been testing aspects of the new design for several weeks.

These changes are now official, and you can log in to your account on the Dropbox website to check them all out. The most prominent update is the new action bar, accompanied by a new right-click context menu for files. Instead of the old check boxes for selecting files, you will now see a new multi-selection interface. The new action bar includes relevant actions for the relevant file/window, and changes according to selection.

Another significant aspect of the site that has been completely overhauled is the image viewer: Dropbox website now has one. Whereas before it was difficult to view photos on the website, you can now browse through multiple image using the dedicated photo viewer. There are also image thumbnails for any relevant file type, which will help you get a general idea about the file without having to open/download it.

The update also includes a new in-browser live search for Dropbox content and drag-and-drop abilities. All in all, this is a major redesign, and one which renders Dropbox’s web interface much more usable and useful. What do you think of the new features?


Source: Dropbox Blog

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