Dropbox Offers Up To 5GB Additional Space For Beta Testers [News]

drobpoxicon 11   Dropbox Offers Up To 5GB Additional Space For Beta Testers [News]One of the most widely used cloud-based storage services on the Internet, Dropbox, is offering users the opportunity to add up to 5GB of free storage space by simply uploading photos and videos to their storage account during a beta testing period of a Dropbox experimental build.

Dropbox is testing a new feature that allows users to automatically upload photos and videos from their USB-connected camera, camera phone, or SD card reader.

In order to use the service and receive additional free space, you will need to download a beta version of Dropbox and install it on your Mac or PC. (It might be wise to back up your current Dropbox data before downloading and installing the beta version.)

This experimental build of Dropbox works with Windows, Mac OS 10.5 and above and Linux. Link to this forum page for the latest listings and upgrades.

dropbox1   Dropbox Offers Up To 5GB Additional Space For Beta Testers [News]

After the beta version is installed, you simply connect say your camera, phone, or SD card to your computer, and Dropbox will automatically detect images and ask if you want them imported to a Camera Uploads folder automatically installed in your Dropbox account.
dropbox   Dropbox Offers Up To 5GB Additional Space For Beta Testers [News]

Dropbox clarified that ‚Äúyou can’t get up to 5 GB of free space with this feature, if you count the initial 500 MB space for the first photo import.‚ÄĚ Because Dropbox is testing the importing process, you most likely cannot receive space increase unless you use the importer popup window.

Dropbox encourages users to keep plugging in their cameras so they can “snipe all the common bugs during the beta testing.

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I’ll stick with the DCIM backup in Synx 2.00.

Al Sam

It works great for me (win 7 64). I’m up to 11.5 gig free through various referrals and things like this. I typically use about 2-4 gig for various work things, but good to have the extra space.


how else to get more space other than referrals?

Bakari Chavanu

Hmmm, not sure. Those are the only two ways I know of.


I tried uploading 2GB of videos from my tablet with the beta and it just filled my dropbox. ¬†Didn’t add anything.

Flo Bruehl

Same here. ¬†I installed the beta on iMac and on my Android phone. ¬†No extra space at all. ¬†Just filled up what I had. ¬†So now I can’t upload anything at al.

Bakari Chavanu

Flo, read my feedback above.

Bakari Chavanu

Okay, Terry, I’m not sure if will work for videos. If it does, you should get the Dropbox window that asks you to okay the upload your photos, (or videos?) You also have to wait until the uploads are completely done before you see an increase in your storage count. Mine has gone from 4.88 to 8.38 since I added the uploads. I simply snapped a lot of photos of the same thing and then did the upload. After my account storage was increased, I removed the photos.¬†


worked for me :) plugged iphone in and popup started and I said load to dropbox

Bakari Chavanu

Great, glad to hear it. If need be, just take lots of photos of the same thing in order to quickly add more storage space. I shot photos in RAW mode, which came out to be like 21MB per file. 


How do you install it on Linux?

Bakari Chavanu

Hmm, not sure. Hope someone with Linux can answer your question. 

Wes Crook

I’m up to 15.2 gigs. ¬†Was uploading over 3g on my HTC Incredible and my computer (using the auto-run option for Dropbox import). ¬†Worked great!

Bakari Chavanu

Glad to hear that. 


Reading the FAQs at dropbox, it makes me feel as if I need to be INVITED to get the extra space?

“Why didn’t I get my free space for beta testing the latest forum build?
If you’re lucky enough to be included in our latest round of forums beta testing, you’ll find that we’re offering up to 5GB of Dropbox space for testing the camera upload feature.”


I can not start this on my mac os x lion, but all works on windows 7. 
When I plug my iPhone to Mac nothing happened. It’s just sync with mac and thats it.
So I have to use virtual machine. Is there any way to make this work on mac?



I recommend asking a question at MakeUseOf Answers to have this issue resolved. Good luck! 


photos seem to increase space, but not video

Suhaib Butt

Its AAaAwwweesssoommeeeee……. Thanks for such a great tip..

Bakari Chavanu

You’re welcome, Suhaib.