Dropbox For iOS Gets A Slick Update With Better PDF Support And More [Updates]

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Dropbox is making sure it stays on top in terms of cloud storage with a new update for its iOS application that brings better support for PDF files and push notifications for changes to shared folders.

The biggest part of this new update comes from the improvements to PDF viewing. The update makes viewing multiple pages a joy. It adds a button the top of the screen that, when pressed, causes all the pages of the PDF to be placed on a single screen. This should go a long way towards making it easier for users to jump from page to page in the dropbox application. The update also adds a Cover Flow-like layout to pages. Both of these combine to make Dropbox a really solid PDF reader, to go along with all the other cool stuff it can do.

The update also adds a feature that will notify users of changes to shared folders through push notifications. When a user shares something with you through Dropbox, and you have notifications enabled, you will know about it right away.

Another small but useful feature of this update is the ability to sort files by the date they were last modified. While not a world-changing feature, it certainly goes a long way towards making Dropbox more functional for people who use it for business.

The question remains: can Dropbox stay on top with other services offering much more space? The cloud storage solution may have got the jump on its competition, but with services like Box and Mega offering 50GB of space, compared to the 2GB offered by Dropbox, can it keep the crown? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: TheNextWeb

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J Reynolds

Dropbox is starting to lose me as a user. 2GB is too small now that I’m a cloud storage junkie, but their pricing isn’t tempting enough, now that Box gives 50GB free and has drag-and-drop support now.

Dave LeClair

You are certainly not alone in those feelings.


Mac Witty

I am a Dropbox user, not entirely loyal as I use other sync services also. Well, with a camera you can easily get another 3 GB and then with friends and some of the “competitions” they have had I have 25 GB free space.
I do like Dropbox for it is easy to set up, understand and share folders with other. I have had much more problem to get people to catch e.g. SugarSync

Saying that, initial 2 or 2,5 GB sounds very little today why they might have to add a bit. It is great that Box offer 50 GB and I have signed up for a space to backup my photos. I’m not impressed of the speed. 16 GB took more than 3 days when I used the sync app. It seems as it goes a bit quicker when using the website. There you have another problem – you need to have Java active. I have deactivate it for most of my non-tech friend or the one with new mac do not have it installed, I think. Saying that – It is great to have a large space for an extra backup for photos

Dave LeClair

Wow, 3 days is a long time to sync photos. I can say I have never had a complaint about the speed with Dropbox, and I took advantage of the extra space for using a camera. Still, I am always having to delete stuff to make space.


Judith Schwalb

Box sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of it. Now I’ll have to go look LOL

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