Dropbox For iOS Freshens Up With A Photo Gallery And New Design [Updates]

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iOS follows Android as Dropbox decides to give everyone a spanking new iOS app for the holidays. The new version of the iPhone and iPad app makes it easier to upload, manage, and view your photos. At the heart of it is a new design which has gone for simplicity. Clean icons instead of text labels on the tabs and subtle gradients make it easier on the eyes. A neat (and new) Dropbox icon should start things off with a touch. With the new design, everything is more visual.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s going to be all about photos and photo sharing. Dropbox has revamped that experience with a new Photos tab. The Photos tab will showcase a timeline of all the photos that you have automatically uploaded from anywhere into your Dropbox account. This also includes the new Camera Upload feature which came into the picture recently. With just a tap on a thumbnail, you can open an individual photo in all its full Retina glory.

The Dropbox design also gives you a simpler one-touch way to upload a file to any folder. Navigate to the folder of your choice, then tap the “+” icon to upload something or create a new folder. It is that easy now. With all these new updates, you will surely want to be updating the app on your iPhone or iPad right now.

Source: Dropbox

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Mac Witty

Great! When I got the update to work – had to restart my phone


Rigoberto Garcia

Saikat thank you very much … Updating the app on my iPad


Mike Kettle

If you don’t have dropbox, you are missing out… BIG TIME. Amazing app/program/company.


Gerald Huber

anyone know if this is coming to android too?

Saikat Basu

The Dropbox app for Android was updated with the Instant Photo Upload last time around (if I am not wrong), but these ones are still awaited.

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