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Are you a frequent Dropbox user, who uses the site beyond its basic usage as a cloud storage tool? I am talking about folks who collaborate using Dropbox, share content with the public using Dropbox, and so on. Dropbox Automator – which is powered by an app called Wappwolf – should make the lives of such folks easier. It provides a number of automation commands, like converting docs to PDF, uploading them to Google Docs, image processing commands etc, for the user. You just need to connect it with your Dropbox, select a folder and apply the command.

automate file processing

Actions performed by the tool are stored in a separate folder within your Dropbox and it is named as Results, so you can quickly check out the processed files.


  • Automate file processing from your Dropbox account.
  • A lot of actions available to choose from.
  • Both text and image processing actions available.

Check out Dropbox Automator @

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  1. Remy Kron
    February 6, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    I am also using a soft together with Dropbox, generally for my music and video collection. It's called Audials. What I basically do with it is record my favorite music, movies, videos with it and upload the files to my Dropbox account. It works the other way around as well and I can also play the files that I have stored in the cloud using Audials: - you can have a look here at how it works.