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A Dropbox folder could soon be your personal shoebox for holding all your digital photos. Dropbox has made that “shoebox” better with the newly launched Carousel. Carousel is made to be the single gallery for all your photos and videos. Carousel is a free standalone app available on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

But Carousel isn’t only a simple storage solution.

Photos and videos uploaded to Dropbox independently share space with the new ones backed up from your mobile phone. Carousel automatically backs up your smartphone photos when you take them, thus freeing up phone space. Unlike simple storage, Carousel stores all photos by time events, so you can browse through them easily by rewinding time with a touch. The highlight of Carousel is the private conversations you can have with family and friends. You can take all the photos and videos you want, share them with anyone with in your contacts or email, and talk about them…all from one standalone app.

Moving away from photos, Dropbox also announced new collaboration tools for Microsoft Office users.

Project Harmony” will add another co-authoring option with live collaborative features tying in with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Project Harmony will launch later this year and it looks to be a competitor to Google Drive and OneDrive. Details are sketchy, but it could be a benefit to Enterprise users working on different operating systems or even using different versions of Office. A Dropbox representative also said, “We’ve designed this to work with any application so there is a lot more to come.


Expect more announcements soon as Dropbox ramps up once again on its seven year long journey.

Source: Dropbox Blog

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