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Following a security breach in July, and a promise to do better where it comes to security, Dropbox is rolling out a two-step authentication feature. The new feature, which is currently still experimental, adds an additional requirement to the login process, making an unauthorized access to accounts much less likely.

A two-step verification process makes use of a special code, which can be either received by text message or generated by some smartphones apps. If you choose to enable this feature, you’d be required to enter this code every time you log into your Dropbox account, in addition to your regular password. The code can be generated by apps such as Google Authenticator (Android, iOS, Blackberry), but there are other options available.

As the feature is still in testing, you must install the latest beta build of Dropbox (1.5.12) in order to use it. Once its installed, head over to your account’s security settings (requires login), and scroll all the way down to “Account sign-in”. From there, you will be able to enable two-step verification for your account.

If you don’t like messing around with betas, you can simply wait a few days. The new feature should be rolling out as an official release sometime in the upcoming week.

Will you be using this new feature for your Dropbox account?


Source: Dropbox Forums

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