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To send files to our friends, we can use file hosting websites, emailing or instant messaging clients. These techniques are often too slow and have file size restrictions. A better file transfer procedure is Droopy.

free file transfer utility

Droopy is a free file transfer utility (Python script) that is the perfect solution to online file sending. With Droopy we can provide our contacts with the address of our computer so they can send files directly to us.

Before you can use Droopy, you computer needs to have Python installed (which can be downloaded from here). Since Python is cross-platform, Droopy is cross-platform as well – it can be used on Linux, BSD, Mac, and Windows.

To use Droopy we open its text-only page, save the text as “”; then we run the file and open “http://localhost:8000“ in our web browser. Clicking on “Discover the address of this page,” shows us the address our friends need to have to send us files.



Download Droopy @

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