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Have you ever tried to convince your friends about backups but failed?  Here is a fun little app that can help you achieve the goal. DriveSaver is an iPhone crash simulation app that simulates an actual hard drive. Once you have downloaded the free app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, click on crash a hard drive to see how an actual hard drive crashes.

crash simulation

Accompanied with almost real sights and sounds, it would give you an up close view of a hard drive being crashed. You can see the smoke and currents coming out of the circuits and hear the disastrous sounds. It also demonstrates the crash of a solid state drive failure. It is a great tool for people selling backups or trying to show others what happens in a hard drive crash.

hard drive crash


  • Hard drive crash simulator for iPhone.
  • Hear and see how a hard drive crashes up close.
  • Witness a solid state drive failure.

Download DriveSaver from iTunes


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