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DriveMeCrazy is an iPhone app that helps you report driving offences to authorities, and also helps you connect with people who drive well and follow the rules. Whenever you see anyone violating traffic rules, you can speak his license plate number and record a message using this app, which is then sent to the local law enforcement and insurance authorities. To connect with good drivers, just flag them as “cute” on the app, and they might see that (if they are using this tool too) and get in touch with you.

reporting driving offences

reporting driving offences

The app is location enabled so you can track flags on a map, and also on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure if the app works across the globe. I think the data reporting to the authorities thing probably happens only in the US.


  • Report driving violation recording a message and their license plate number.
  • Flag good drivers as cute and connect with them.
  • Designed for hands-free use so that you don’t get distracted while driving.
  • Similar tools: Carpong, Zapatag and EMAILACAR.

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