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If you are a fan of electronic gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, etc, then you probably spend a good portion of your time searching the Internet for gadget-related news. Rather than jumping from one site to another looking for news, you should simply bookmark Drippler – the ultimate source of gadget-related news.

latest updates on gadgets

Drippler is a wonderful website that lists numerous technological gadgets, mostly smartphones and tablets. After creating an account on the website you can mark the gadgets you have and the ones that you want. Marking the gadgets in such a way will give you an online record of them.

The site also regularly delivers updates on all the latest gadgets and their manufacturers. From Capcom’s tumbling sales to what Japan thinks of the Wii U, Drippler successfully covers a lot of ground relevant to gadgets.


The forte of Drippler is that it displays news that interests you the most. After searching the web for all gadget-related news, the site cross-references it with the gadgets you have marked as “Have It” or “Want It” and displays first the news that matches. Therefore the time you would normally spend on filtering news trying to find ones that interest you is saved.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides updates on gadgets.
  • Mostly covers smartphones and tablets.
  • Filters news according to the gadgets that interest you.

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