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If you own a number of gadgets and have a hard time tracking the version upgrades and all the latest news relevant to your gadgets, then Drippler is a site you could make use of.

Drippler is focused on bringing you the latest news, updates and even rumors that surround your gadget. It’ll also provide information on things like firmware updates, pre-orders, price drops, reviews, comparisons, tips and tricks and much more.

latest news on gadgets

latest on gadgets

You could get the updates by subscribing to their site, or via their Facebook or Twitter page (an email option would be available soon). They have got a huge number of gadgets listed, falling under categories like cellphones, mp3 players, game consoles, e-readers, tablets etc. Just hover over a category to get the different kinds of gadgets it includes.


  • Get the latest on gadget you own.
  • Huge collection of gadgets available.
  • Get information like price drops, firmware updates, reviews and more.
  • Subscribe through RSS, Facebook or Twitter (email coming soon).

Check out Drippler @

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