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DreamHost has just teamed up with CloudFlare, a content delivery network so that DreamHost users can now activate a single checkbox in their admin panel to make their websites load significantly faster.

ClouldFlare’s free offering includes a content delivery network with 14 locations around the world, improved security for your website, front-end content optimization, and Web analytics. Even if you already use Google Analytics (like the vast majority of webmasters), CloudFlare’s analytics can add additional information since they track even clients that have JavaScript turned off, or clients that did not wait for the page to finish loading. Also, CloudlFlare can integrate with your existing Google Analytics account.

To get to your Cloudflare checkbox, you need to access your DreamHost admin panel, click Manage Domains, and click the Edit link for the domain you’d like to use with CloudFlare.

Within the admin panel for the specific domain, the checkbox looks like this:


Once you click this checkbox and create your new, free, CloudFlare account, simply save your account information and you’re done. DNS will take a few hours to re-propagate, and then you should start seeing your website load faster. Note that if you have DreamHost configured to strip the www prefix for your site (i.e, turn into, you will need to disable this option and add the www for now. DreamHost say they are working on this limitation.


Source: CloudFlare

  1. Achraf52
    April 8, 2012 at 12:52 am

    Though they would provide Premium service for free, but this just make the process easy, as I already use this service I would like to say it's very great .

  2. Joshua iHostPress
    April 8, 2012 at 12:23 am

    Its a good addition! But, they are a bit late to the party, Cloudflare already has nearly 200 Hosting partners on their dedicated Hosting Partners page, even my own small hosting company has had CF enabled as an option for quite some time.

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