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Many people believe that our dreams contain clues to what lies ahead for us. In case a dream is a disturbing one, people want to find out what its hidden meaning is so they can be better prepared for upcoming problems. Here to help people have their dreams interpreted is a website called Dreamdoze.

share your dreams with others

Dreamdoze is a free to use website that helps people share their dreams with others and have their dreams interpreted. You start by creating an account on the site and then posting your dream. Site members read your dream and then interpret it, if they want to. As a site member you can interpret dreams as well. You can begin browsing dreams on the homepage or access them according to their theme.


Each time a dream is interpreted, the interpreter receives points which then contribute towards his position on the leaderboards on the site.


If you want to learn more about dreams and how they are interpreted, you can read about it in the “Knowledgebase” section of the website. There you will find all information related to dreams and how their meanings are inferred.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps interpret dreams.
  • Maintains leaderboards based on points awarded for dream interpretations.
  • Provides information on dreams and how to interpret them.

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