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The Internet has many drawing applications to offer. But most of them are too basic to offer anything useful or too complicated to be taken advantage of by the average computer user. An exception to this is DrawIsland – a web app to create drawings and GIF animations.

creating drawings

DrawIsland is a wonderful web application that lets you create a variety of drawings. The tools let you draw with different colors, lines, pencil, as well as hollow and filled rectangles and circles. You can erase portions of the drawing and undo / redo your actions. You can choose custom dimensions for the canvas or one from the available presets: 200×200, 400×400, 800×400, and 1024×768. The resulting drawings can be downloaded in the PNG image format.

Through an “Animate” button at the bottom, you can draw different frames and create a GIF animation from them. The delay time between each frame can also be controlled. The maximum number of frames allowed is 10 with the maximum size for each frame being 400×400 pixels.


  • A user friendly web application.
  • Does not require any registrations.
  • Lets you create online drawings.
  • Drawings can be downloaded in the PNG format.
  • A variety of colors and drawing tools are offered.
  • Lets you create GIF animations with each animation having a maximum of 10 frames.
  • Similar tools: CreateAgif, GIFmake, SketchPad and SimpleDiagrams.

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