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faceHead Do you doodle? Do you want to take your caricatures or doodles Do you Doodle? Share your doodles with the world! Do you Doodle? Share your doodles with the world! Read More to the next level? Well if so, you can use a little website we found called PimpTheFace. That sure is a funny name right? Well that IS exactly what this site lets you do. If you are not hip to the lingo, here is a non-ghetto explanation of what you can do with this site.

What PimpTheFace lets you do is create a awesome face with their different body parts. You can create some really cool looking faces with this service. Drawing cartoon faces of someone is definitely a good way to kill a few hours. ;-)

Let’s take a look at how it works and then I will show you two videos on the service. First start off by browsing on over to PimpTheFace.

drawing cartoon faces

Once you are there, click on the paint splatter that says click here. Right after you click on that you will be pushed to a page with a Photoshop-esque editor. It might look intimidating at first but it is really quite easy to use and master.


drawing cartoon faces

You will see two columns on the left and one more on the right. One of those columns – the left most one, allows you to pick the body part out of the choices. This includes the head shape, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, facial hair and more.

The column closer to the middle is how you select which body part you want to add next. Select the top icon like you can see in the below screen shot. This is the faces outline or silhouette. Once you click on it, the items you can pick are on the left. Click on one of them and it will appear in the drawing window. If you want to change it simply select another icon. It will replace the one that is currently there – easy peasy.

drawing cartoon like faces

In the above shot I added my silhouette and below you will see my head or dome type. I am really having fun with this – are you having fun yet?

create your own cartoon character

Now you should have the hang of it. Once you see how it works it is pretty intuitive. Keep on adding facial items until you reach the bottom of the list and have a full face. You can go back and change any items you like until you have an image you love.  Here is the image I created in about 5 minutes.

create your own cartoon character

After you are happy with your face you can let him travel the world in the form of adding backgrounds. You can do that by using this toolbar on the right: It allows you to save your face as well as print or store it online. You will need an account for these features. I just copied my face out.

create your own cartoon character

Here is a video on creating a face with PimpTheFace:

And one more on how to draw President Obama using PimpTheFace.

We would love to see your creations! Post them up for us to see. Link to em’ or what ever you want but we can’t wait to see your creativeness! If you’re familiar with any other website offering easy tools for drawing cartoon like faces please let us know about them.

  1. Charlie
    March 23, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    How do I start?!?

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