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OMGPOP’s (or rather Zynga’s) smash hit Draw Something has just received a big update on both iOS and Android. The update, which came to iOS first but has now reached Android as well, includes a new look for the game and shop, more words, more languages, and a new expiration notification.

The change in looks is not huge, but you’ll notice it if you’ve been playing Draw Something Draw Something Adds Comments, Social Sharing & An Undo Button [Updates] Draw Something Adds Comments, Social Sharing & An Undo Button [Updates] Read More regularly. Options-wise, the interface has not been changed much on the main screen; rather, it had received a sort of facelift, and now looks somewhat slicker. In addition to looks, Zynga has (apparently) been listening to its fans, and has added “special words” which come in 30 different categories. The categories include things like body parts, fashion, 80s, and more. You can try the special words for free, but most of them cost extra coins.

This brings us to languages: Draw Something now supports 13 different languages, including Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and more. This feature could bring the game popularity in additional countries, which might help its poor standing of late.

The game will now also includes expiration notifications, and will notify you when a game you’re currently playing is about to expire. This just might give you the extra push you needed to go back and play your turn.

Download the new version of Draw Something from iTunes or from Google Play.


Do you still play Draw Something? What do you think of the new features?

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