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Remember Draw Something Test Your Drawing Skills While Entertaining Friends And Yourself With Draw Something [Android & iOS] Test Your Drawing Skills While Entertaining Friends And Yourself With Draw Something [Android & iOS] We've actually talked about this popular game quite often, but never gave it a full review. I feel that's a disservice to our readers, as there are still people out there who haven't heard of... Read More ? The drawing and guessing app that dominated our lives last year slowly faded to the sidelines, but it all might change today with the launch of Draw Something 2. Coming first only for iOS (Android version should follow), Draw Something 2 is still about drawing, but adds many new features such as a social feed, a gallery, the ability to follow other users, and more.

One of the most common complaints about the original Draw Something was the small number of words available in the guessing games. Draw Something 2 adds 5,000 new words, including 9-character words and phrases, so if you’re still into playing the game, this could make things a little more interesting. The experience can be enhanced further by new drawing tools such as a pattern pencil, stamps, a pixel pen, and other such treasures.

Apparently learning from their Draw Something mistakes, Zynga has decided to turn Draw Something into more than a mere game. Each user can now draw freely using the app — not just as part of a guessing game — and save drawings to a gallery other users can see. Your profile page and gallery are not unsimilar to Instagram, and you can use them to publish your favorite drawings, follow others, and interact with other people’s drawings. You can see more about that in this video:

Draw Something 2 also comes with a social feed, if you really felt the need for yet another one, where you can get notifications and updates from your Draw Something friends. If all this sounds just a tad too social for you, you can enable Draw Something 2’s Restricted Mode, which disables the social feed and gallery, and lets you play the good old game with friends and contacts without any of the social distractions.


Draw Something 2 is available now from the App Store in a free ad-supported version, and a $2.99 ad-free version.

Will you give Draw Something 2 a try? Is it better than the original Draw Something?

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