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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; welcome to another fun-filled edition of the Best of Reddit. This is the weekly column where we look at some of the coolest shenanigans taking place on Reddit and share them with all of you. For anyone unfamiliar with Reddit, make sure to look at our handy Reddit guide and learn the ropes. For you Reddit experts, maybe you just missed these in your Reddit travels. Maybe you saw these and you just want to tell me how there is a million things I could have found that were better than the ones I choose. Either way, read on and be entertained.

This week we have a draw me anything, a man hearing music for the first time, some interesting things I learned, the Subreddit of the week, and more juicy bits of Reddit goodness. So sit back and get ready for the Best of Reddit.

Draw Me Anything

This positively hilarious thread features a Nickelodeon cartoonist asking Reddit to request things for him to draw. The results are quite fantastic. It is nice to get away from the typical life stories and crazy occurrences you so often see on r/IAmA and see something a little more lighthearted and downright comical come along.

The thread is over now, so no more requests are being accepted, but there is plenty of entertainment to be had looking at the pictures the Reddit community requested. The original posted was even nice enough to edit all the drawings into the first post, which will save you time digging through the entire thread. Have you ever wanted to see the Reddit alien drawn in the style of a Nickelodeon carton? If so, this is the thread for you.

Man Hears Music for the First Time

In this thread, a man discovers music. He was born almost completely deaf. With the help of hearing aids, he could only hear little bits of sound. This meant that when he heard music it always sounded distorted and unpleasant. A few years later, hearing aid technology has improved drastically and become more affordable. Suddenly, with his new hearing aids, he could hear a completely new range of sounds and discover a new world of music.


The original poster lists all kinds of music that he has listened to so far and he seeks the help of Reddit to find more stuff to indulge in. Not only is this a fantastic perspective into what it would be like to hear music for the first time, it is also a great thread to find new music to listen to yourself. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

Today I Learned Quick Hits

Instead of a specific thread, today I am going to talk about some of my favorite things I learned on r/TodayILeared recently. Check out some of these interesting and downright weird facts:

Subreddit of the Week r/listentothis

I am sure looking at these particular threads left you incredibly entertained, but for those of you wanting to dig a little deeper, it is time for the Subreddit of the week. This week, I present r/listentothis, the best place on reddit to find some obscure new music. This Subreddit is a place for other Reddit users to come and recommend music that resides off the beaten path.


I hope that this week’s Best of Reddit blew your mind with interesting facts, cool drawings and all the other nonsense that seems to be commonplace on Reddit. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the content of this article. If you come across anything awesome in your Reddit travels do not be afraid to share, and I may add it to next week’s Best of Reddit.

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  1. Tracy Stevens
    September 20, 2017 at 4:44 am

    You tried to blur out the folder name , but you forgot about the sidebar. Haha! "Letters to Amanda". Great tips. Thanks