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One of the coolest things touchscreens brought to cell phones is the ability to draw on the phone and create your own masterpieces without paper and paint making a mess. Draw and Daub Free is a great app for creating your next masterpiece on iOS. It’s not designed to be the most advanced drawing application on the device, rather, it’s designed to be simple enough for anyone to pick up and use. Instead of having to learn how to use all kinds of complicated tools, users simply pick a background and a color and go to work.

easy drawing application

In all, there are 36 different colors to choose from. There are also ten drawing backgrounds to create your picture on. You don’t need any technical knowhow to create with this app. Simply boot it up and you will be ready to go.

draw and daub free

This app also allows you to save your pictures to your camera roll for viewing at any time. If you should so choose, you can also send your creations to friends and family through email directly through the app.



Find Draw and Daub Free on the iTunes App Store

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