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We often eat up web content like starving animals, but do we ever take the time out to let it digest? DragDis is a Chrome extension that allows you to save various elements of web content as quickly as you view it, and it does this using one simple action – dragging.

After installing DragDis, you can literally drag any web element to a pop-in side bar and save it for later. This includes photos, videos, links, marked text – anything. Furthermore, you can categorize your saves using designated folders. In short, consider DragDis to be a more advanced version of Chrome’s existing bookmark system. After saving items, you can view them using a Pinterest-like pinboard.


DragDis is a very fluid, aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to use. Its homepage truly represents its design which is similar to that of a well-oiled machine. However, as of right now, you can only create an account by requesting an invite. In my experience, I received a next-day invitation, so while DragDis is in its early days, you will have to wait a bit.


The extension truly separates itself from the rest by providing an easy-to-use interface along with practical functionality. Unlike other similar apps, it does not feel cluttered or tossed together. Simply put, DragDis provides a great experience, and it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.


  • Saves web content.
  • All content is viewable on a pinboard.
  • Saves videos, photos, links, and text.
  • Utilizes a simple dragging action.
  • Customizable folders for simple categorization.

If you’re ready, sign up for DragDis by visiting its website.

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