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Twitter’s native interface has a lot of room for improvement. Thankfully there are various Twitter clients with better interfaces which make it easier to follow friends, stay updated with celebrities, and read news. One such site that offers Twitter users an alternative, better interface is DownTweet.

create custom twitter feeds

DownTweet is a  website that is absolutely free to use. You start by signing into the site using your Twitter account. On the main page, you will then find 4 panes in total. The far right pane is where your default Twitter feed is, labeled “My Twitter Feed”.


The center two panes are for you to customize. You can create custom feeds and drag them into the center panes to follow whatever interests you. Alternatively you can drag the pre-formed feeds located on the far left pane.


Each one of the feed boxes contains a pencil icon in the top right that lets you edit the usernames for that category. Using this icon you can quickly add or remove the Twitter users a feed box is following.

DownTweet can also be embedded into your website or blog. For the embeddable widget you can specify the dimensions and colors.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides an alternative interface to Twitter.
  • Lets you create custom feeds.
  • Displays 4 Twitter customizable Twitter feeds in addition to your default feed.
  • Provides an embeddable widget that can be customized.
  • Similar tools: TweetAlarmTwitterFeed and Reader2Twitter.

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