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Most of the tools that let you download videos from the internet are cluttered with banners and pop-ups. DownloadTube is a bit different since it has a clean interface in addition to a simple functionality. Just enter the URL of an FLV file and select the format you want to download video for.

Options include Windows, Mac, Flash, Mobile, audio only and MP4. Click convert and download to fetch the video. The information on what format is required for a specific device also helps a lot in choosing the right output format.

Overall, the tool is not a game changer for video downloads but provides a simple and quick alternative to all the non-user friendly and cluttered websites.

Update: Without registration you can process only one video per 90 min period. Registering lifts all the limitations.

download online videos direct to pc


  • Online flv converter lets  download online videos direct to pc.
  • Download web videos in multiple formats.
  • Supports formats for PC, iPod, PSP, Mac, etc.
  • Clean and ad-free interface with no clutter.
  • Similar tools: Meep, KeepTube and BYTubeD.

Visit DownloadTube @

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  1. Illustrations
    October 10, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I works. You must be patient while DownloadTube resolves the connection. However, I like KeepVid better when it was free. DownloadTube gives you the lowest resolution and it's pretty lousy. KeepVid let you choose which format to download and I usually chose the highest MPEG resolution. You're not going to enjoy watching what you download from DownloadTube, especially if it's a music video. Perhaps I'll pay for KeepVid, it now costs $20.

  2. d.g.
    September 30, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    I just tried it, and it didn't work for me. Regardless of whether or not the problem is on my end or the site's end, these type of sites always come and go. I could quickly find and share a dozen downloading and converting sites that no longer work.

    The nice thing about is that it doesn't do any conversions or other server intensive actions. It only helps connect users to multiple different sites that do. So, if any site goes down, or simply is having temporary problems, there are always alternative choices.