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Let the web do the work. A wide variety of tools are dedicated to saving you time. From email to social media to your own website, you could be wasting time doing things free services could do for you, automatically. Getting these services working takes a bit of knowledge, time and creativity, but they almost always pay off.

Interested? Then it’s time to read “Web Automation, Part 1” by author Rahul Saigal. This guide outlines uncounted tips for automating your online life, all in the name of saving you time. To quote the guide’s introduction:

“Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Nonsense. I think laziness is the mother of invention. Our ancestors invented things too, didn’t they? Mankind develops new technologies quickly, all to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Simple is just another word for easy, however, so you could argue we made such great progress because we didn’t want to do quite so much work.”

Laziness is good. It’s time to let the web do the work. Download this guide today.

DOWNLOAD Web Automation, Part 1
Follow the link for download instructions.


This amazing free guide outlines:

  • Using filters and rules to automatically manage your email
  • Automatically unsubscribing from newsletters
  • Automating repetitive replies to save time
  • Automating posts on social media, and when that is or isn’t okay
  • Scheduling social media posts in advance
  • Analyzing your social media followers
  • Monitoring the web automatically with custom RSS feeds and notifications

DOWNLOAD Web Automation, Part 1
Follow the link for download instructions.

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