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Cloud storage is big business these days and Box is aiming to turn the heat up on rivals such as Dropbox and Google Drive by offering a huge 50GB of free storage to anyone who downloads their free iOS app. Compare that to the much smaller amounts offered by some competitors, and Box may very well have a winning strategy on their hands.

But there is a snag – you only have the next 30 days (from the 15th Jan) to download the app and get your free space. So you need to be quick.

The newly redesigned app sports features such as faster speeds, preview file capabilities, full text search functionality, an enhanced search tool, and much more. Files are displayed in a grid view and Box now supports more than 100 file types, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, images, and videos. Plus it goes without saying that everything can be synced to your web account on the Box website.

Download The New Box iOS App Within 30 Days & Get 50GB Of Free Storage boxios

How long will it be before other cloud storage services enter into a contest to see who can outdo the other in terms of free storage? Since most basic cloud storage tools only offer 5GB free each, they are definitely going to feel the pressure now from Box to up their offerings, as 5GB simply doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Box has also timed this perfectly to coincide with Dropbox’s recent outage, which means they are probably hoping to lure away some dissatisfied Dropbox customers. Offering 50GB free is certainly a good way to get their attention.

Source: Box Blog via The Next Web


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